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Curriculum Vitae

Building 39 (“Cyfronet”), room 164
ul. Andrzeja Sołtana 7
05-400, Otwock, Poland
+48 537 649 474




PhD Topic: High-temperature corrosion of ceramic materials.
Supervisor: prof. Konrad Czerski (Head of Nuclear and Medical Physics Division at the University of Szczecin, Poland; the faculty at the Institute for Solid State Nuclear Physics (IFK) in Berlin)

One of the main problems of the high-temperature reactors is to have very good refractory materials which could be resistant to corrosion and other mechanical and embrittlement factors. The project’s task is to investigate the chemo-mechanical effects of liquids flow, these include fuel – uranium eutectics and coolant – natural lead on the various ceramic core materials. The best-known candidates are carbides SiC, ZrC, TiC, and their compounds ZrC-TiC. The data on the properties and flow effects of liquid metallic nuclear fuels are incomplete, therefore this study will also include the creation of simulations using molecular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics. However, the main goal is to build a high-temperature facility, a mini DFRm reactor demonstrator, in which long-term remote-handed measurements would be made. This setup will allow nanoscale sample diagnostics and verification of computer models.

Seminars and conference talks:

  • Analysis of the possibility of using supercritical CO2 in high temperature reactors. 07.01.2020, Otwock, NCBJ, UZ3 department seminar


  • Nuclear reactors – Dr. O. Dorosh
  • Fundamentals of reactor physics – prof. W. Gudowski
  • Reactor physics of HTR-s – prof. J. Cetnar