UZ3 seminar 29.03.2022

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Seminarium Zakładu Energetyki Jądrowej i Analiz Środowiska (UZ3)
Departament Badań Układów Złożonych (DUZ)

Wtorek: 29.03.2022

Janusz Malesa
“GEMINI For Zero Emission” project objectives

GEMINI Plus follow-up project entitled GEMINI 4.0 will be launched in June. It was positively assessed and received funding under the Euratom Research and Training Program (HORIZON-EURATOM-2021). NCBJ takes part in the implementation of this international action prepared by partners within the NC2I association. As part of the project, the concept of using an HTGR reactor for emission-free production of process and municipal heat, hydrogen, ammonia and others will be developed. NCBJ is responsible for leading the work package on “Optimizing safety and competitiveness of the GEMINI+ design”. We also participate in almost all other topics, including fuel technology options and fuel cycle strategy. During the seminar, I will introduce the objectives and tasks of the project.

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M. Dąbrowski, T. Kwiatkowski


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